Whepstead Suffolk: Self-build case study

Providing energy performance and enhanced aesthetics: self-build installation in Whepstead, Suffolk

When we were invited to work on this self-built home in Suffolk’s idyllic village of Whepstead, we were as keen to support the project as we’ve ever been. While the house was already a modern marvel in design – distinctively modern among its neighbouring residences and nestled in uniquely manicured gardens – we were eager to provide the few missing pieces of the puzzle, as requested.

self build project

Our client required a combination of Livingwood windows and doors that would not only provide the elegant aesthetics of slim-line glazing, but ensure the thermal efficiency of the property well into the future. Specified products included:

CP130 aluminium lift/slide doors

Double glazed lift & slide doors

The Concept Patio 130 door series was an immediate and ideal choice for the property. Highly functional and boasting incredibly slim sightlines for their large size, CP130 lift and slide doors would provide extensive views of the property’s exceptional gardens once installed. As well as this, the CP130 series offered the triple glazing capability requested by our client, ensuring superb thermal and safety performance - now and in the long term.

Composite tilt-and-turn windows

Aluminium Lift & Slide Doors together with alu-clad/ timber tilt & turn windows

Self build double glazed project

Our Livingwood tilt & turn windows were chosen for three principal reasons: competitive pricing, attractive timber frames and superior energy efficiency. With insulated timber frames and aluminium cladding, these windows can achieve overall U-values of over 0.7 W/m2K, with very few maintenance or aftercare requirements. Their easy accommodation of wide openings was an additional factor making these the perfect choice for this self-build property.

Manufactured and installed the Livingwood Windows way

Lift & slide doors

Each product selected for this project was provided directly from our factory based in Bury St Edmunds. As is the case with all of our projects, we used our cutting edge CNC technology to manufacture exclusively Reynaers products – the most innovative and sustainable aluminium systems available on the market – precisely to specification.

The final result is a truly impressive self-build property which is set up for long-term sustainability, offering views from within which are as spectacular as the property’s appearance from without.