Useful hints and tips on preventing condensation

Hopefully, you’ve already read our piece on the causes of condensation around the home, and are now a bit more aware about the potential damage that can arise if it’s left to its own devices. As you probably know, prevention is better than a cure: here, we’re going to take a look at how you can stop condensation before it starts!

Have your heating on constantly

Whilst we are not suggesting you should rack up a massive energy bill, it’s actually a lot better to have your heating on at a lower temperature all the time than to simply crank it up for a couple of hours every day. This is because the continuous heating helps to keep the surfaces of the rooms warm, and as such there is no cold surface for the warmer air to form on. So, no condensation.
As an alternative, set the heating to come on an hour or two before you get home: this should mean all the surfaces will be warm enough to not react when you start cooking or fancy a soak in the bath!

Take advantage of your lids

Everyone loves a good meal, but the steam can be a major cause of condensation if you’re constantly boiling or frying things. Fortunately, there’s an obvious quick fix for this: use a lid! Using a lid will instantly cut down on the amount of steam allowed to escape the kitchen, meaning a natural decrease in moisture.

The more adjustable your windows, the better

Unfortunately, condensation isn’t something that you’ll be able to simply ‘set and forget’! Leaving your window open a crack might be enough to vent the a little bit of hot air, but what if your family’s having a hot bath, cooking and drying clothes all at once? The variation your windows offer in terms of opening, the better: Livingwood’s own ‘wooden tilt’ windows, for instance, can move from being open by only millimetres right the way through to leaving a completely open space. This flexibility ensures condensation won’t get the better of you!

Don’t forget your fan

There’s nothing like a hot shower at the end of a long stressful day. However, the steam rising from the bath can cause problems. (The same goes for baths). The best way to combat this is to effectively use your extractor fan (if you’ve got one) or to open a window. Speaking of which…

Wipe it away

Even if you take all the steps above, the chances are you still won’t be able to avoid condensation 100% of the time. Keep some kind of window cleaning tool around – like a squeegee – to clean any water droplets away from your windows mirrors or walls. This might not seem like much, but over the long term it can make a real difference.

Consider a specialist, thermal-focused system

At Livingwood, we stock a number of products designed to ensure that even in the coldest winters, your home will maintain its heat levels, meaning no surfaces will be suitable for condensation to develop on. For instance, our CS-104 inward opening system achieves substantial insulation levels through its patented technology, making it the ideal choice. Remember, you can always get in touch with Livingwood to find out more!