Spring into action with multi-functional windows

Spring is upon us and with it comes warmer weather, the sweet scent of mowed lawns, daffodils and, soon enough, summer BBQs. What an ideal time of the year for installing a brand new set of windows.

Maybe you’re after a window that gives you more control and flexibility to alter the amount of fresh air that enters your home. In that case, our Concept System 104 could be ideal as it provides tilt and turn inward openings so you can vary the airflow and an added bonus is that you can easily access troublesome areas for cleaning.

The added benefit of installing any bespoke window is that you’re in control of everything. So you can include features that are tailored to your home. For example, if you live by any elevated or costal areas that are much cooler, the patented technology that is put into the Concept System 104 will help reduce your energy consumption because of it’s low U Value. Depending on your needs and the specification of the window you require, we can achieve a U value as low as 0.77W/m2 K, ideal for keeping the warmth in on the cold spring nights.

Leave your home safe and sound

We’re all excited that the clocks have moved forward an hour. Lighter nights give us more freedom to pursue our interests after a long day of work. Some of us take advantage of lighter nights by participating in sports; some of us like to spend the evening in a local pub. But there is a minority that like to take advantage of empty housing to pursue their own interests such as burglary.

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) the levels of burglary are decreasing1 and while there is little consensus on what has driven falling levels of property crime there is broad support that improvements of building security has contributed to the reduction.

Both Concept System 104 and Concept System 86 offer several levels of robust burglar resistance (class 2 and 3). The burglar resistance is tested by statistical and dynamic loads, as well as by simulated attempts to break in using specified tools so you can leave your home with the reassurance that intruders can’t get in.


Why become the envy of your neighbourhood with a supreme garden when you can’t enjoy the view yourself? All our windows offer a fantastic view but our panoramic windows really take the biscuit.

Our panoramic windows can be an aesthetic addition to your house which complements your garden; with over 100 colour options (that can be applied inside and outside) you have the flexibility to match your window to your garden. You can match your window to the yellow Calla Lilys you’ve been growing, or to the white Long Island Daisy, with the wide range of colour options the choice is yours. 

You even have the choice of a wide range of window types, including fixed windows, tilt and turn windows, parallel opening windows and casement windows.

To find out more about our windows and how they can suit your needs, contact us today.

1Source: http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/crime-stats/crime-statistics/focus-on-property-crime--2013-14/sty-patterns-and-trends-in-property-crime.html