Reynaers: World-renowned suppliers of our aluminium glazing systems

Reynaers aluminiumAt Livingwood, we are experiencing an ever-growing demand for aluminium glazing systems; whether it's windows or doors.

There are many reasons why aluminium windows and aluminium doors are becoming so popular with property owners across the country. They're incredibly low-maintenance and highly recyclable, but more importantly for the end user they offer spectacular external views - thanks to their minimal sight lines - and encourage an abundance of natural daylight into interiors, creating a genuine feeling of space.

We've worked with a number of suppliers of aluminium glazing systems for our valued customers, but we're now unique in that we proudly stock only Reynaers aluminium windows and doors. The Belgian-based company specialises in the manufacture of sustainable yet architecturally stunning aluminium windows and door systems to the highest of specifications.

Why we only manufacture Reynaers aluminium glazing systems

Suitable for residential and commercial projects
Reynaers' made-to-measure products are supremely versatile. Whether you're in the midst of building your dream home, breathing new life into your existing home or looking to add a touch of class to your commercial space, we have the utmost confidence in Reynaers' ability to supply engineer aluminium glazing systems for uncompromising performance and stunning aesthetics.

Ability to manufacture all Reynaers systems in-house
What really sets Livingwood apart as a reseller of Reynaers products is our ability to manufacture their full product range from our own factory at our headquarters in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. We made a significant investment in our very own CNC machine, which talks to Reynaers' software system, giving us all the data we need to manufacture their window and door systems to exacting specifications. We buy in everything we need for each product from Reynaers, right down to the nuts and bolts, so you can be 100% confident that you're getting a genuine Reynaers product, UK-made from Livingwood.

Manufacturing Reynaers Aluminium products

Comprehensive range of products
The ability to specify a complete set of Reynaers products for an entire project was another hugely attractive benefit to us. From inward and outward opening windows and sliding doors to curtain walling and bi-fold doors, Reynaers' entire product range gives us a wealth of design options to give to our customers, without compromising on thermal performance and style. Watch this space for our next Reynaers product, the SL68: with super-slim sight lines, these outward opening windows offer outstanding thermal performance with no compromise for daylight access.

Caters for modern aesthetics
For almost half a century, Reynaers has been supplying hi-tech, cutting-edge glazing solutions for homes and workplaces across the globe. Their commitment to supplying the discerning property owner with uncompromising style and performance marries perfectly with our ambition to put comfort, design and safety first for all Livingwood customers. The combination of strength and durability of Reynaers' aluminium also provides the opportunity to use large windows to a height of more than three metres, catering for the most contemporary of design trends.

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If you'd like more detailed information on Reynaers aluminium glazing systems, please don't hesitate to call us today on 01284 764045. We'll be happy to discuss your property's glazing options.

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