Reduce your carbon emissions with sustainable aluminium doors and windows

Sustainability is something that we value highly at Aluminium Sliding Doors and Windows and we want to help your business become more sustainable too.

Not only can BREEAM be a useful benchmark for measuring how sustainable you are, Minergie® and Passivhaus are also great measures.

What is Minergie®?

Minergie is a European quality label that provides a benchmark of how sustaminergie2inable your buildings are. Various products are offered within the Minergie framework, including:

Regular - Minergie® standard

This is Minergie®'s main activity which focuses on keeping general energy consumption to no higher than 75% of that of buildings and fossil-fuel consumption to no higher than 50% of the consumption of such buildings.

Minergie®-P standard 

Focuses on buildings with a very low energy consumption. When designing new or refurbished buildings, it is important to consider how your building generates heat because this standard is especially demanding in regard to heating energy requirement.

Minergie®-eco standard 

Incorporates ecological requirements such as recyclability, indoor air quality, noise protection etc. Aluminium Sliding Doors and Windows are eco-friendly because we work with 100% pure aluminium that's infinitely recyclable.

How we can help you become more sustainable

If you want to become more sustainable our products can help you reach your goals. Our triple glazed aluminium windows are popular and are highly thermal efficient so your buildings can stay insulated during cold winter nights.

Or you may want to consider choosing our Concept System 77, which meets the highest European standards. Maximum door tightness is achieved through specially designed insulated tips that reduce the heat loss from the house. 

Our Concept System 155 carries the Minergie® label complying with stringent requirements for airtightness, insulation and noise reduction. This system contributes to insulation values lower than 1.0W/m2k.

See how our other products can help you meet Minergie®'s standards.

What is Passivhaus?passive-house

Passivhaus is another standard for benchmarking your sustainable practices aiming to render traditional heating systems inessential through heating and cooling being managed by the structure itself. Careful planning in building design can help optimise thermal performance, U values and ability to optimise heat, light and shade.

Passivhaus is an entirely voluntary standard but it is one that greatly contributes to the EU's target of achieving zero-carbon homes by 2016 and targets of cutting energy consumption by 60% by 2050.

Sustainability in practice

A great example of how our products helped architects and contractors achieve sustainable goals can be found in the Meath Project. By working alongside Dublin architects Peter Legge Associates, we helped make a new home build one of the most energy efficient homes in Ireland whilst maintaining it's modern aesthetic look. The property in Meath uses aluminium doors and windows to meet the highest standards of Passivhaus and Minergie®.

What next?

If you're serious about cutting carbon emissions and becoming more sustainable, take a look at our products or contact us today!