PVCu vs Aluminium doors and windows

It can be difficult to decide on what material to use for replacing old windows, having that new extension put in place or building new homes. If you are in the early stages of your decision to buy doors and windows, on your search you may come across the choice of using PVCu windows or Aluminium windows. But which one should you use?

Benefits of aluminium sliding doors and windowsREYN-4807

Aluminium sliding doors and windows have many benefits that go beyond the modern aesthetic look. If you are looking for windows and doors that are low maintenance and built to last then look no further than aluminium. You can even consider timber windows that are clad with aluminium. Aluminium is a strong, durable material and can be the perfect complement to any corporate code of ethics who want to reduce their impact on the environment because aluminium is 100% recyclable.

Our range of aluminium sliding doors and windows come with a 10-year guarantee which means you can rest assured that each system has been designed to meet the highest technical specification and standard for your country.

Benefits of PVCu doors and windows

PVCu is an alternative choice to aluminium and just like aluminium doors and windows, offer security, weather resistance and come with guarantees, testing and meet benchmark standards.

Due to the manufacturing process being less labour intensive than aluminium windows and doors, the cost incurred on the consumer is relatively cheaper than aluminium doors and windows.

Why aluminium sliding doors are the better choice

If you’re looking for a fresh modern look for your home you will want to use aluminium sliding doors and windows because they are manufactured to add an exceptional modern look to even the most traditional looking home.

Aluminium is a stronger material than PVCu and it's strength means the window or door can be designed to be substantially slimmer than PVCu windows or doors so you can create a fare more aesthetically pleasing look for your property. It is for this reason that PVCu bifolding doors are much thicker and have greater bulk than their aluminium counterparts.

If the frame size is an issue, depending on which system you use, you can choose a frame which is designed to be hidden behind the surrounding wall so only 35mm of the frame is exposed offering slimmer frame sight lines when compared to PVCu.

Because aluminium is a much stronger material than PVCu it can be manufactured to create stunning windows and doors that cater to the more ambitious buyer who wants larger doors, windows and panoramic glass walls.

If you compare PVCu windows and doors with aluminium windows and doors, the aesthetic difference becomes apparent. With PVCu windows, you will have less window pane and more threshold.

Deciding which material to go with all comes down to a matter of taste and budget. Speak to us today to find out more about the benefits of our aluminium doors and windows.