Smart 8200 Vertical Glass Supports

Smart 8200 Vertical Glass Supports promise unrivalled safety levels combined with distinctly modern aesthetics – the ideal solution for balconies, stairs, commercial properties and contemporary public buildings.


If you require railings within your property to limit the chance of falling, why not look to the cutting-edge solution?

Smart 8200 glass railings and balustrades provide added protection around risky areas of a property, also bringing extra benefits through large and stylish glazed surfaces. Removing the need for the clutter of mullions and railing posts, this solution encourages natural light to flow freely through your property without compromising on safety. Innovations in the manufacturing process guarantee long-term performance, offering extreme sturdiness and reliability.



While Smart 8200 Glass Supports promise significant and impressive design impact, they are defined primarily by their practical strength and functionality. Their extreme robustness is delivered through contiguous aluminium profiles, which can be installed free-standing or wall-mounted, with flexible options for safety glazing including laminated and tempered glass. It is one of the few products to be awarded with the Certificate of Static Strength from the Giordano Institute.
Furthermore, the S8200 solution can be specified to precise requirements with great flexibility around glass thickness, height requirements and handrail profiles on top of a host of added extras.


The Smart 8200’s ample glazed surfaces and modern aluminium profiles provide an elegance and beauty which is rarely matched by traditional railing solutions. Offering numerous contemporary perks, the 8200 series can be customised to incorporate anodising and powder coating colours and LED lighting, as well as patterned and coloured glass.
For this reason, you will often find Smart 8200 Vertical Glass Supports in definitively modern settings such as hotels, shopping centres, public terraces and luxury residences.


As a balustrading and railing solution, the Smart 8200 product line accommodates an extensive range of profiles and typologies. Remaining easy-to-install and without glass alignment issues, the 8200 can be adapted to provide a variety of technical solutions. Contact us to learn more about the range of pre-drilled profiles available for installation.

With a host of weather-resistant surface treatments available, as well as a sophisticated inbuilt drainage system, the Smart 8200 delivers low maintenance needs on top of ease-of-installation.


External perimeter 629.5 mm
Primary perimeter 287.5 mm
Moment of inertia x-x 375.90 cm4
Moment of intertia y-y 246.16 cm4
Weight 7261 gr/m
Linear weight 7.26 kg/m
Linear horizontal load Up to 4 KN/m
Maximum height 1.2 m from floor level (without handrail)
Glass thickness 8+8 mm and 10+10 mm


Learn more about the Smart 8200 glass railing systems by getting in touch with us today. The Livingwood team is more than happy to help figure out how the S8200 will fit within your project. Call us today on 01284 764045 or:


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