Providing supreme energy performance and weather protection, the Livingwood LW18 Flush Casement Window is uniquely equipped for modern requirements, with a high degree of flexibility available in both aesthetics and capability once installed. Available in both timber and aluminium-clad timber, the LW18 is a distinctly modern window system.


Our Flush Casement LW18 window is a timeless product in terms of both its appearance and performance. Only with the latest in modern technology could we design its innovative structure, offering sustainability and energy efficiency that previous generations could only dream of. Airtightness and waterproofing are guaranteed even in extreme weather conditions thanks to the use of specially-manufactured gaskets. With these benefits – and more – customers can save energy, save money, and contribute to saving the environment in the process.

The LW18 system also comes available with a range of glazing and frame options, able to flexibly meet the needs of contemporary property owners – whether residential or commercial. As with all Livingwood windows made here in the UK, the LW18 is manufactured with low maintenance requirements, environmental friendliness and the highest security standards in mind.



Building on research from the more challenging climates of Nordic nations, the LW18 is a uniquely energy efficient window, offering U-values of 0.75 W/m2K. Utilising two gaskets in its design ensures a profile system with exceptional insulation, minimising the chance of condensation forming between the frame and casement. Available with 48mm triple glazing, warm edge spacers and low-E coatings, few windows on the market can rival the LW18 for comfort and efficiency. Return on investment is guaranteed via the ‘green’ credentials that customers can earn with this product.


The LW18 Flush Casement Window’s high degree of flexibility makes it a perfect candidate for countless properties.

Whether you need a traditional side-hung window in French, double casement style; a top-guided system with sliding hinges for modern aesthetics and enhanced security; or a top-swing window to guarantee maximised natural light and easy access – we can supply an LW18 window to exact specifications. In many cases, the LW18 can double as a convenient emergency exit. No matter your preference, your window once finally installed will meet the strictest of PAS24 security standards and building regulation requirements.

We are able to provide case-by-case advice on which system will work best with the rooms in your property. Simply enquire for more information about specific opening types, as well as max dimensions in width, height and opening space! We will provide the design that works best for you and your project.


Depending on your needs, LW18 windows can be provided in either timber or alu-clad configurations, allowing you to achieve the precise looks and level of performance desired.

As with all Livingwood products, a host of optional extras are available with your purchase. Specify sun protection coatings, or double to triple glazing, if you need to ensure the right levels of solar heat gain in your building. If wanting to achieve a specific aesthetic, ask for more detail about frame depth and other available configurations – the LW18 is highly flexible, both inside and out.


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Livingwood provide the sleekest windows in their field. The in-house design team, with their endless product knowledge, helped advise on the perfect colours and finish for the slimline frame windows we wanted. I look forward to working with them on the next project, and would not hesitate to recommend them to my family and friends.

Melanie Hickling, Cromer
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