Open up to Summer with Hi-Finity Sliding Doors

Open up to Summer with Hi-Finity sliding doors. Summer doesn't only have to be experienced outdoors, the elegant design of our Hi-Finity sliding doors allow you to bring the summer experience into the comfort of your home.

Designed to please

You can maximise your openings so as much light as possible  can enter your home. That's why Hi-Finity sliding doors are structurally glazed so the structure of the door is in the glass and not the surrounding framework. This design demands maximum visibility outside so you can take in all the scenery. The Hi-Finity sliding door is designed so that the outer frame is hidden behind the surrounding wall, only 35mm of the frame is exposed providing you with a spectacular view. You can even add to your aesthetic appeal by designing two Hi-Finity sliding doors that sit perpendicular to each other on adjacent walls. 

Automatic locking comes as standard with Hi-Finity windows or you can opt for the fully automated operation so you can open and close the doors at the push of a button. Perfect for when you want to relax on a sunny evening and controlHi-Finity-Sliding-Doors-quarter-2 the airflow from the comfort of your chair.

Guaranteed protection

Thinking of taking a day trip with the family? Or even a late night summer stroll? With Hi-Finity sliding doors you can rest assured that your home is protected from burglary. Our sliding doors are classified as burglary resistance class RC2 which is achieved through the concept of the electric locking mechanism, operated by a simple push of a button or the remote control. You're guaranteed a high level of security thanks to the central locking mechanism in combination with layered glass.


The Hi-Finity sliding doors allow you to live up to the eco standards set out by the Government because, depending on the frame and vent combination with a glazing thickness of 38mm double glazed, a Ug-Value as low as 1.0W/m2K can be achieved so you don't have to worry about heat loss on the coolest of summer nights. By choosing to triple glaze your Hi-Finity windows you're able to maximise insulation and thermal efficiency even further.  By choosing to triple glaze your Hi-Finity windows, depending on the frame and vent combination, you're able to maximise insulation and thermal efficiency even further by achieving a U value as low as 0.6W/m2K.

Sustainability is important to us, which is why our Hi-Finity sliding doors have been awarded the coveted Swiss Minergie accreditation for thermal efficiency which makes them ideal for zero-energy buildings that do not require more energy than they can produce themselves. Hi-Finity doors help retain heat from passive sources to contribute to the warming of the home.

If you want a seamless contemporary look, stunning views, outstanding performance, welcome summer into your home and contact us today!