Introducing the CP-155 lift and slide, the latest in sliding door innovation

Livingwood is excited to share the first completed installation of its latest product, the CP-155 Lift and Slide corner door, in Cambridgeshire.

Now with the ability to be installed around corners, this is the latest development of an already outstanding product.

The perfect choice for bigger and better views

This is the ideal sliding door system for those that want to make the most of their view, whether that’s of a stunning garden or local cityscape. By enabling the clear opening of the entire corner section, the CP-155 combines architectural freedom with ultimate comfort..

This particular configuration (pictured) allowed for all the panels to slide smoothly and was triple glazed, making the most of our ‘high insulation’ upgrade. You can enjoy all the benefits of a glazed element with thermal insulation levels as low as 1.07 W/m2k. This will help keep your energy bills down and make your home ‘greener’.

Reynaers CP155 sliding doors

Larger doors for more light

The CP-155 makes it possible to achieve larger sliding doors. It can achieve a height of up to 3 metres and enormous widths thanks to extension pieces that augment the outer frame. This means you will get lots of natural light while you make the most of your view, no matter the size of your space. With the entire corner section able to open, you can create more access to your outside spaces and make your interior seem more expansive at the same time.

Versatile design

What’s really exciting about this latest innovation is its ability to maintain ultimate flexibility between protecting against the outdoor climate and opening up at any moment - arguably a key ingredient of most contemporary living spaces. The CP-155 Lift and Slide corner solutions allow to open both in and outward corners, without compromising the systems’ benefits of comfort and insulation.

The lift-slide system makes opening even the largest doors incredibly easy, which is lucky, because the CP-155 can be designed with a vent weight of up to 400kg making it a strong and secure choice. The stainless steel materials, combined with a unique design, mean there is the absolute minimum amount of friction whilst moving the doors, followed by a firm, weather-proof lock-in when closed. It couldn’t be easier to open up your living space.

Your safety as priority

As well as the standard extreme high weight fixed panels, you can customise the CP-155 to suit your individual security needs. Add on security features such as class 2 burglar resistance and the peace of mind that all Livingwood products have been PAS 24 tested by the British Standards Institution (BSI) mean that your safety is put first with Livingwood. Despite the open corner element of this design, the CP-155 still achieves elevated performance classes for air, wind and water tightness.

If you would like to discuss your options for installing the CP-155 get in touch with Livingwood today