East Bergholt - HiFinity Installation

The Hi-Finity range remains one of the most popular sliding doors we sell here at Livingwood.

It’s not hard to see why, of course: the minimal sight lines combined with the quality of construction make the Hi-Finity line both dependable and beautiful.

In other words, what’s not to like?

Hi Finity Installation - East Bergholt

We were delighted to have recently completed the installation for a set of Hi-Finity doors in the Suffolk village of East Bergholt. One of the more picturesque villages in the Stour Valley, East Bergholt is a peaceful and enjoyable place to live, and is a great place in which to build a family home.

Our customers in this case already had a stunning property – as you can see by the photos. However, what they needed was the perfect final touch: a new set of doors designed to help brighten up the space and to help improve the property’s thermal performance.

Hi Finity

East Bergholt HiFinity sliding doors

The installation dimensions were quite substantial: 4000mm x 2400mm on one side, and 2200mm x 2400mm on the other. Fitting the Hi-Finity doors was a simple task, however: at Livingwood, we specialise in ensuring a great final fit.

We’ve mentioned above the minimal sight lines found within the Hi-Finity doors, and you can see them on display here. Despite the substantial size of the opening, the framing required is minimal, especially when compared to more traditional doors.

Our customers are now able to enjoy an almost un-interrupted view of their garden and can also spend time in a brighter living area that benefits from the far higher levels of natural light.

Exceptionally slim sight lines


Highly efficient and attractive

All this aesthetic beauty doesn’t, of course, mean sacrificing efficiency. Hi-Finity doors are renowned for being compatible with zero-energy projects. Despite the substantial size of the panes used in this project, the doors will far out-perform the ones they replaced. (Just one of the rewards that comes with a product that achieved the coveted Swiss Minergie accreditation for thermal efficiency.)

If you’re interested in having new doors installed and you’d like to find out more, give Livingwood a call today.