When picking out a new set of aluminium windows, there are a lot of different things to consider.  One of the most pressing is the style of window frame you’re going to go with.  After all, the frame can have a substantial effect on almost everything: thermal performance, security, aesthetics…you name it, the frame will impact it.

So, what are the different frame options you’ll need to consider?



We’ll start with the aesthetics, as they’re pretty important! Our range of aluminium window frames can be set out in a range of different colours, though we’ll admit that typically, they look better with a darker aesthetic. (Both our grey aluminium windows and black aluminium windows remain very popular). Typically, of course, you should for a colour that suits the rest of your home; if you’re unsure which colour will go best, then get in touch. We’ll be happy to help you.


In addition to the colour, there are a number of different potential finishes on offer for use with aluminium. In general, though, you’re looking at two main options: anodising and powder coating. So, which is better? Well, a powder coated aluminium window offers a number of advantages:

  • When it comes to colour and texture changes, powder coating is incredibly versatile, available in matt, gloss and textured finishes.
  • It’s extremely easy to repair dents and scuffs through the use of a liquid coating to match the original finish: ideal if you have a family that’re always running around and damaging things
  • It’s very environmentally friendly, with powder coatings producing no air pollution
  • The finish is very consistent: any specialist in powder coating will be able to ensure uniformity of look across the house


An anodised aluminium window, meanwhile, also offers its own unique benefits:

  • It’s very easy to maintain: anodised metal can be cleaned using nothing but water or a mild detergent, and it’ll stay in brand-new condition for years to come
  • It looks great: anodised metal has a really stylish sheen to it
  • It’s very corrosion resistant: over the long-term, anodised aluminium windows will deal with wind, rain and snow
  • It’s very abrasion resistant: no risk of those little day-to-day scratches building up over time

Both options, of course, have a range of additional benefits as well as a few other considerations you’ll need to make. It’s often a case of horses-for-courses when choosing your material, so give Livingwood a call today if you’re unsure: we’ll be happy to help you choose the right option.

Remember to maintain your aluminium windows

Whatever form of frame you go with, it’ll be a huge long-term money saver if you take the time to look after your new windows. Though aluminium is an extremely durable and resistant material, it’ll still last longer if it’s looked after. Cleaning aluminium window frames is fairly easy, fortunately: here are a few ways to do so:

  • Don’t under-estimate traditional soap and water. When it comes to aluminium, the classic cleaning materials go a long way. Pick out a wet, soapy cloth to wipe down the frames, ensuring you get into the various gaps and crevices, such as the corner welds. (Dirt can build up there).
  • If there are any scuffs or more permanent marks on the aluminium, then the best approach is to pick up some form of non-abrasive liquid cream or paraffin cleaner: both will help to get rid of the damage. (It’s worth noting that if your frame has suffered pollution soiling, you SHOULDN’T use anything harsher than white spirit).
  • One other thing you should avoid is anything tougher than natural bristle brushes: though they won’t do any immediate damage, they can definitely cause some wear and tear over the long-term. Also avoid any of the stronger solvents or solutions containing chlorine, hydrocarbons, esters and ketones.
  • Finally, here’s a bit of a magic trick for anodised finishes: you can actually get rid of any more stubborn marks using a traditional ink rubber!

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