BESPOKE ALuminium windows:
everything you need to know

Bespoke aluminium windows are highly desirable to many people: the chance to give your home that extra touch of quality. Of course, it might be you’re a bit uncertain about whether it’s worth the investment. So, what do you need to take into account when deciding if aluminium windows are right for you?



It’s a simple fact that, in visual terms, bespoke windows will nearly always out-perform mass-produced ones. Why? Because whatever build-style your home is, you’ll end up with the perfect design. You’re only limited to your imagination. Whether you’re after a diamond-shaped triple-glazed window or a double-glazed window designed to go from floor to ceiling, you can have it. Bespoke means not settling for less.


You’ll get all of the normal benefits of aluminium windows and doors

The beautiful thing about bespoke designs is you don’t sacrifice a thing. You get the perfect design, and all of the benefits that come with our expert construction.

Minimal framework (unless you want it). Aluminium windows mean the slimmest sight lines on the market. You can enjoy truly panoramic views through your one-of-a-kind design. (Assuming panoramic is the style you want to go for: remember, you’re limited to your imagination!)

High resistance to the elements. Are you worried that a unique design might mean more susceptibility to rain, wind and snow? Well, don’t be. Our aluminium windows perform superbly, and will last for at least 20 years (but often 10 years more than that). In terms of durability, you’re getting the very best. 

Eco-friendly performance. One of the main concerns about bespoke design is that it might not always be the ‘greenest’ approach. We’re happy to say that this is NOT the case with Livingwood. Our aluminium frames perform superbly, with the material used amongst the most eco-friendly on the market. (If you want to read up about aluminium’s suitability for recycling, check out our Help & Advice section)

  • So, what are the costs of a bespoke project?

The simple truth is that it’s virtually impossible to give estimated costs for bespoke aluminium windows.

Why? Because the projects we deal with can vary substantially. The total cost of a project can depend on a number of factors:

The size of the designs. Larger windows and doors mean more materials are needed, and as such the project cost will be higher.

The type of materials used. All of our products come with a number of options on things like finish, glazing, extra features and so on. Different materials mean different prices.

The complexity of the designs. Bespoke windows really can vary in terms of how tricky they are to put together. We’re always happy to take on new challenges, but installing a floor to ceiling window in a Victorian build will be more complex than a circular window in a brand new home, so the prices will vary.

If you want an estimate of how much your project will cost is to pick up the phone and give us a call. Even a ten-minute phonecall will give us the chance to get an idea of aluminium door and window prices for your project.

is bespoke worth it?

The truth is that it depends what you’re looking for on your project, and what your budget is.

  • If you’ve spent thousands building and completing your dream home, and you just need that final magic touch to finish the design off, then a bespoke window will be the ideal way to do so.
  • If you’ve moved and you just want plain square or rectangular windows put in – and you’re conscious of price – we’d recommend the more traditional service. It’s possible to get very high quality windows without taking the bespoke approach.

We know that a lot of people enquiring will be somewhere between the two, so the best way to find out is to get in touch.  We’ll be happy to suggest the right solution: the one that’ll give you both the perfect home and a worry-free price.

For a detailed quotation on your bespoke requirements, please fill out our enquiry form below:

  • (please provide for haulage calculations if requesting a quote)

I am just dropping you a line to say many thanks for your excellent service and quality product. You were the only window suppliers who were prepared to take on our sliding door design for which we are very grateful... the house would not be quite the same without them. We had a very slight problem with one of the upstairs windows which was sorted out very promptly to our complete satisfaction. The electrician damaged a wooden internal beading and you replaced that free of charge.

Martin and Mandy Rye, Ropley
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