Become more sustainable with aluminium sliding doors and windows

Sustainability begins with the initial design of any building, and it is at this point in the project where BREEAM consultation can benefit you in discovering how sustainable your designs are before you begin construction.

What is BREEAM?

BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology. It is the world’s leading design and assessment method for sustainable buildings. It has become one of the most comprehensive and widely known measures of a building’s environmental performance.

Sustainability is something we value highly in our products here at ASD&W, which is why our range of aluminium sliding doors and windows are designed and produced to care for the environment.

What criteria does BREEAM use to assess a building's environmental performance?

BREEAM use the following criteria to assess a building's environmental performance:breeam_Criteria1

  • Energy
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Materials
  • Transport
  • Pollution
  • Management
  • Land Use & Ecology
  • Innovation
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Credits before weighting
  • %after weighting

Within each of the 10 categories listed above, a five-point accreditation system is used to rate how well a building performs in its environment.

  1. Pass (30 credits)
  2. Good (45 credits)
  3. Very good (55 credits)
  4. Excellent (70 credits)
  5. Outstanding (85 credits)

These measures of performance are then set against established benchmarks to evaluate a building’s specification, design, construction and use.

How can our Aluminium sliding doors & windows help you become more sustainable?


To streamline the initial investment for cost-effective sustainability, you need to align your planning, contracting and supplier teams from concept to development. As suppliers of high quality, low energy aluminium doors and windows we design our products to meet the highest standards BREEAM set out, meaning you can purchase our products with the comfort of knowing they are eco-friendly.

Energy is the biggest category, with 28 credits on offer, which is why we have designed our systems to keep the cold air out and the warm air in during the winter.

If you want to rate high on the ‘Health and wellbeing’ criteria, why not consider using our Hi-Finity product? It has frameless glazing that allows more light to enter the building and it provides spectacular views because of the minimal frame. Our Triple glazing doors are also available in Hi-Finity so you can stylishly achieve superb thermal efficiency and insulation on your buildings. Our Hi-Finity product is also great for use on zero-energy buildings because they retain heat from passive sources – such as body heat, natural light and electrical sources meaning your building won’t require more energy than they can produce themselves.

All our products provide spectacular views, however our Panoramic Windows provide those amazing vistas, whilst also giving building users sufficient access to daylight. This is perfect for offices where people, working in front of a computer, appreciate the view outside to reduce the eyestrain and headaches from staring at a screen for too long. Health and wellbeing credits can also be obtained by selecting the correct glazing with high light transmittance.

Why should I worry about how sustainable my buildings are?

Sustainable properties carry an array of benefits. You may be a landlord on the lookout for new tenants. Did you know that properties that are sustainable are quicker to let, cheaper to run and attract better quality tenants?

Or you may be a business that wants to communicate to your customers, staff and communities that you are committed to minimizing your carbon footprint on the environment. Having a licensed organization carry out a certified BREEAM assessment can provide you with a measure of how sustainable your organization is and it sets a standard that demonstrates your progress towards corporate and organizational environmental objectives that can be shared with your stakeholders.

What next?

If you're serious about reducing your carbon footprint and increasing your sustainable business practices, contact us today and we will discuss with you how you can build a sustainable building that is also stylish.