Aluminium windows: common myths

With our years of experience supplying and installing aluminium windows and doors, our team has come to know a great deal about choosing the right materials for our customers’ projects. Naturally, we are big believers in the long-term quality and endurance of the aluminium systems we offer.

However, we still come across some surprising misconceptions about aluminium glazing during our day-to-day operations. In this blog, we dispel some of those myths. If you’ve been considering an aluminium window replacement or a brand new installation in your property, but you’ve had one or more reservations about making the leap, then carry on reading. You may be surprised to learn which common rumours around aluminium windows are not based in reality!

Do aluminium windows cause condensation?

Whether your double-glazed window is made out of aluminium or uPVC, the possibility of condensation forming always exists if airflow and humidity conditions are in line. Far from encouraging condensation, modern aluminium windows with double glazing are usually paired with the latest thermal break technology, creating the most airtight seals conceivable and providing superb thermal efficiency.

SL68 Slimline Aluminium Window

Those who commonly experience trouble with condensation forming within window frames should investigate that unit’s seals, and whether overall airflow in the property can be improved.

How secure are aluminium windows?

Framing a property with large panes of glazing is often an attractive prospect, but the idea can also cause concerns around security. People tend to think that a heavily-glazed building advertises its contents and glass, after all, is known for being breakable!

Despite the ample external glazing provided in modern aluminium systems, they are no less secure than PVCu or other alternative materials. Every Livingwood product manufactured at our UK warehouse is subjected to rigorous third-party testing, ensuring each window meets the highest PAS 24 and building regulation standards. In other words, they are specifically designed to withstand the most determined attacks by criminal opportunists.


Some people think that aluminium frames, being made of metal, are destined to be installed in plain, uninteresting styles. However, the opposite is true: aluminium can be coloured as brightly and powerfully as any equivalent product. Through a process called powder coating, aluminium doors and windows can be provided with a finish of practically any hue and shade. Property owners opting for aluminium will not be disappointed at the wide range of bespoke options – in colour and design – that are available on the market nowadays.

Are aluminium windows bad value for money?

Installing a new or replacement aluminium window frame is an investment – there can be no doubt – but it doesn’t have to break the bank! Significant returns are always expected – due to aluminium frames’ energy efficiency, thermal performance and low maintenance requirements. Additionally, reputable providers such as Livingwood should always offer the fairest prices possible. Getting multiple quotes from potential providers is one way that customers can ensure the best value for money in their purchase.

How durable are aluminium windows compared to others?

In spite of the large glass surfaces and minimal frames of contemporary aluminium systems, structural integrity is not a regular problem for these types of products. Aluminium is, in fact, much tougher than PVCu in terms of load-bearing ability. That means property owners can enjoy wide external views through their glazing without the need for bulky frames, and without fear of premature breakage or corrosion.

In summary

It’s possible to see where these common misconceptions come from – based on the performance of long antiquated products, misinformation, or the innocent misapplication of logical thinking. However, as you can see, there is almost no metric or dimension to aluminium windows where they don’t perform as well as, if not better than, PVCu or other equivalents. There has never been a better time to investigate what aluminium glazing can do for your home, whether that’s by providing enhanced energy performance or refreshed aesthetics.

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