Why aluminium will continue to rise in popularity with homeowners

Many years ago, aluminium glazing systems were considered a poor relation to the uPVC window and door designs available. It has taken some time, but aluminium is fast becoming recognised as a practical material for construction and home improvement, guaranteeing style, quality and performance, whichever design you now choose.

Aluminium lift |& slide doors

Fortunately, aluminium is also the most readily naturally occurring metal available from deep within our planet’s crust. It can also be recycled en-masse to enable end-of-life aluminium products to be recycled into new and innovative construction and home improvement solutions such as high-performance aluminium glazing systems.

A strong material with abundant design choices

Aluminium has a winning combination of being a strong and durable material, whilst being easily shaped. This is great news for homeowners as it does not limit consumers in the choice of design when working with this material. Furthermore, the strength of an aluminium framework enables glazing systems such as sliding doors to be bigger than ever before, creating expansive external views and flooding living and working areas with abundant natural daylight. Take our ultra-slim Hi-Finity aluminium sliding doors as an example, which are capable of carrying the weight of a glass pane up to 750 kilograms in weight – roughly the equivalent of panes up to 3.5m in height!

Aluminium is considerably stronger than plastic as a construction material, which makes it easy to install and provides new window and door systems with greater structural integrity than any like-for-like uPVC system. As a material, aluminium is also increasingly used in properties located in conservation areas, with local authority planning officers more receptive to aluminium systems thanks to their sleek and subtle aesthetics that can act as the perfect bridge between traditional and contemporary living.

Part Q compliant window and door systems

Aluminium glazing systems are also a very sensible choice for architects and developers looking to install new windows and doors in properties that must abide by the UK government’s Part Q Building Regulations, regarding security in dwellings. All aluminium systems supplied by Livingwood have successfully passed PAS 24 testing carried out by the British Standards Institution (BSI). The tests proved that our products can withstand a cylinder and door hardware attack by an opportunist burglar. In addition, all our windows and doors can incorporate multi-point locking systems for a supremely secure home and genuine peace of mind.

Complement the existing aesthetics of your home

There’s no catch in terms of design flexibility either. Aluminium glazing systems from Livingwood are offered in the complete range of RAL colours, allowing homeowners to complement the existing aesthetics of their property, such as rendering and roofing. Dual colour options are also an option, giving you the chance to customise the look and feel of your new windows or doors on the inside as well as the outside.

Look after the wider environment and your property’s energy efficiency

The sustainability of aluminium products is also something that cannot be ignored. The material can be continuously recycled without losing any of its structural integrity and it only utilises 5% of the energy required to produce primary aluminium throughout the recycling process. Not only do aluminium glazing systems offer a contemporary finish to any home, they are also incredibly thermally efficient, looking after your interiors whilst transforming the exterior. All aluminium doors and windows manufactured in-house at Livingwood feature a polyamide thermal break system, designed to minimise heat transfer between the internal and external edges of the aluminium framework. Aluminium frameworks are also well-suited to double and triple glazed units, which also serve to reflect internal heat back into living areas and virtually eradicate the prospect of condensation.

Aluminium frames have made wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling glass a genuine possibility for homeowners up and down the country, creating luxurious living environments. If you’re attracted to the idea of energy efficient, architecturally stunning aluminium glazing in your home, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team today on 01284 764045 to discuss the design possibilities.