Aluminium door installation – the Livingwood approach

Our team at Livingwood Door & Window Specialists have collected over 50 years of experience in the building and house construction industry. As a result, we are able to provide the technical insight to ensure the right energy-efficient doors are specified for your project.

The only thing more important than our commitment to producing the highest quality sustainable products is our commitment to customer service. We've carried out countless end-to-end projects, from specification through to installation and aftercare, providing ironclad guarantees of up to 10 years' performance for an enormous range of aluminium and timber doors.

In this article we'll go through what needs to happen to ensure your door installation projects are completed, without a hitch, by our expert teams. To ensure the best results, in terms of aesthetics and long-term performance, we look out for a number of things. These include:


Long before the day of installation, we'll make sure we get an accurate measurement of your aperture (or opening), whether it was made by yourself, another trader or members of our team. This is necessary to ensure the door we deliver on installation day fits the opening as close to perfectly as is made possible with the latest cutting-edge CNC manufacturing processes.

CP130 installation in Suffolk

Internal finished floor level

Your property's internal finished floor level, or IFFL, is another fundamental dimension we need to begin your installation. We aim for perfect specification in our projects, using laser measurement to ensure your bifold doors will sit perfectly on their brick or concrete threshold. We'll liaise with you to ensure we get this measurement ahead of time.

Low door threshold

The threshold is the part on most swinging or French doors which resembles a “step” between the outside and in. It's no surprise that bifold doors have enjoyed a rise in popularity, with innumerable images promising a seamless step-free transition between a home's living space and the outdoors.

However, we feel it's important to be honest: low or non-existent thresholds are difficult to achieve. We always recommend that bifold doors are installed with at least a rebated threshold, especially in Britain, where bad weather can be around any corner.

A rebate sits around the entirety of the door frame and, combined with insulation material such as rubber, nylon or brush, provides a physical barrier against wind and rain. It is partially the rebate that provides your door with its weather rating.

Fortunately, our experience with bi-folding door installation allows us to sink your rebated threshold below ground level. This creates a threshold which is as low in appearance as possible while providing a reliable seal against inclement weather.

Load bearing

Before installation, we also need to make sure that steels are securely fixed & loaded within the door opening. Steel beams when only partially fixed/ loaded will continue to move or sag after measurement, and it is not considered good practice to install doors here.

For similar reasons, we always check the integrity of the walls and sides where the opening to your property has been made. The creation of the opening in the wall can reduce its load bearing strength. As a result, we make sure a lintel is installed where necessary to prevent the wall from collapsing from the pressure of any newly-installed profiles and glazing systems.

Substrate threshold level – The floor has to be absolutely level

When a door frame is fitted in a space with an uneven substrate level, any added weight from the door's glazing will transfer to the rollers on the threshold track. This can cause warping and twisting of the track. To ensure perfect operation of all types of doors, we take the necessary measures to ensure the threshold is absolutely level.


A core and often overlooked aspect of door installation is long-term security. We always double and triple check that our bi-folding door products are specified and fitted to meet UK Building Regulations and PAS 24 security standards as a minimum.


One last thing we're sure not to overlook is the speed of our service delivery. Home-owners don't have time to wait months for projects to complete. That's part of the reason we manufacture all of our products ourselves from our specialised workshop in Bury St Edmund's, creating high quality Reynaers systems to the millimetre from a single, flexible location.


All of the above are examples of just some of the steps we take on an average project to ensure an immaculate end-to-end service, whether for a significant multi-pane project or singular door or window installation. Read our testimonials to see what our customers have said about our recent installations.

When you want to begin your project to provide natural light, external access and renewed aesthetics to your property, please don't hesitate to contact our sales team if you think we can help.