Livingwood Passive House windows

We have a large range of window solutions that are Passive house certified, in addition to inward opening entrance doors and outward opening French doors.

With our experience over many Passive House projects we are able to work with the client, architect or Passive House certifier to fine tune PHPP data.

A passive house provides consistent, comfortable temperatures in Winter and Summer, avoiding heat loss and drafts in Winter and avoiding solar gain in Summer. Triple heat protection glazing achieves Ug values of up to 0.5 W/m²K and g values (overall energy transmission factors) of up to 62 %. The window frame is also insulated against drafts with thermal bridges at the glass edge and in the connecting area window to wall. Spacers form thermal bridges.

About Passive House

Passive House is not a brand name, but a building standard and construction concept for energy efficiency, comfort and affordability. Only a select number of European window suppliers have accreditation from the Passivhaus Institute and Dr. Wolfgang Feiss. Certification is achieved by retaining a U – Value of Less than 0.8W/M²K.

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Advantages of a Passive house window

  • No drafts or pockets of cold air around the window
    No temperature differences close to the window
    The inside surface temperature of the window does not fall below 17 degrees – even in Winter
    Due to good insulation around the window, heating does not need to be confined to the window area, allowing more freedom in design
    Extra costs are minimal for passive house construction, but any outlay is quickly recovered due to energy efficiency
    Natural heat from the sins radiation can be used more efficiently, reducing annual energy costs
    Passive house windows can also be specified on refurbishment projects and older buildings


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Marjorie Clarke, Great Barton
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