The History of Livingwood:
Excellence in UK Manufacturing

With over 50 years of combined experience within the building industry and an appetite to provide the most energy efficient window and door installations for their customers, Toby Golding and Antony Jackson have established Livingwood as a major player in the design and manufacture of high-performance, low-maintenance aluminium windows and doors.

Both Golding and Jackson went to school together, with both their families moving to Suffolk at the age of 15. The pair went to university but returned to Suffolk after their studies working together and took the bold decision to go it alone and run their own window and door business, supplying for both commercial and residential projects.


Rapid growth in manufacturing

Having worked out of a string of smaller premises – including one in Bury St. Edmunds town centre – growing consumer demand led the pair to Livingwood’s current headquarters, based on Bury’s Hillside Business Park in the Moreton Hall area.

Livingwood has been based here for two years now and the company is already looking at the prospect of moving to even bigger premises nearby that would be partly funded by a grant from the Suffolk County Council’s New Anglia Growth Hub.

The New Anglia Growth Hub has already provided funding to help Livingwood cement its unique position as both a manufacturer and seller of one of Europe’s most popular brands for aesthetically stunning, high-performance aluminium windows and doors.

All Livingwood aluminium doors and windows are now designed solely by Belgian designer, Reynaers, a leading specialist in the development of innovative and sustainable solutions for aluminium windows, doors, curtain walling and more. It is their dedication to energy efficiency and sustainability – as well as style – which marries perfectly with the Livingwood philosophy.

Investment in state-of-the-art machinery


Livingwood’s decision to sell solely Reynaers products partly influenced their considerable investment in state-of-the-art CNC machinery within their headquarters. The £110,000 acquisition – partly funded by the New Anglia Growth Hub – operates with Reynaers’ software system, Logical, which calculates the manufacture of all Reynaers’ products in-house to the millimetre.

“We buy absolutely everything from Reynaers to manufacture their products to the letter,” said co-founder, Antony Jackson.

Our CNC machine talks to Logical and works out everything; how items should be loaded onto our machine and cut. It’s barcoded on the label what each item is and what’s needed to be done to achieve the finished design – it’s seamless and significantly reduces the level of mistakes.”


Livingwood’s expansion to bigger premises has enabled them to utilise better machinery and work to even greater efficiencies. The company is keen to expand further whilst maintaining its bespoke element and the ability to provide custom installations for domestic and commercial use.

New CNC machineA close-up of the new machinery in action

In terms of the company’s foundations, the team has expanded quickly in the last three years, from just two full-time staff to eight today. In terms of installations, Livingwood has been able to pitch for and accept projects nationwide thanks to a reliable team of six contractors that work solely for them, fitting their Reynaers windows and doors across the country.

There is no doubt that the foundations are firmly in place for Livingwood to have a very bright future. Their technical insight and highly efficient manufacturing processes, coupled with their drive for impeccable customer service makes the company a force to be reckoned with. That growth and future potential has already been recognised with Livingwood securing the Window & Door Specialist of the Year accolade by Buildings and Facilities News at the end of 2016.

Looking ahead further into the future, both Antony and Toby acknowledge the huge growth in demand for aluminium glazing. It’s an industry that’s expanding at an alarming rate, with homeowners and commercial properties benefitting greatly from slimmer sight lines and profiles and the subsequent improved U-values.

“In terms of design trends, minimalist homes are very much in vogue,” added Jackson.

Not many people realise this but by making sight lines thinner it actually improves the U-value of glazing, resulting in better energy efficiency for homes and workplaces across the country


“Aluminium is also an incredibly sustainable material for us to work with. It lasts longer and is exceptionally easy to recycle.”

With Livingwood very much riding the upward curve of the aluminium industry and its founders investing heavily towards in-house manufacturing, the company should be considered very much a trend-setter and one that’s in control of its own destiny.

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